Hill Rise Hall Community Association

Due to the current Corona Virus restrictions, we are currently closed.

Suzanne Cooper

Tel: 01256 353047

Hill Rise Community Association has been open for business since 1979 when local residents decided that the boarded up building at the end of the road could be put to good use. They got together, approached the council to obtain a lease on the building and opened it up as a Community Centre for everyone to enjoy.

Since 1979 a lot has changed, people have moved on, clubs have opened and closed to be replaced by new ones but the hall remains and the Committee continues to manage the facilities for the community and user groups. The continued success of Hill Rise Hall is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the original members to lay the foundations of the association so that it could become what it is today.

In 2017 decades of hard work nearly unravelled. The Committee had fallen to just 3 members which just wasn't enough to keep the hall running. Faced with the real possibility of closure, 5 local residents volunteered to take on Committee roles at the AGM and saved the facility.